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How to perform the Heart meditation.

The Heart Meditation

Heart Meditation

There are many meditations and practices out there designed to activate and open the Heart Center/Chakra. This one is simple, and a terrific introduction to deep meditation in addition to its benefits on the Sixth System, Field and Inner Aspect.

You are a multi-dimensional being living in a multi-dimensional reality; yet you can only point in three dimensions: back and forth, to and fro, up and down.

It turns out that the higher dimensions "feel" as if they are in the heart center (chakra).

Since God, your Deeper Self, your expression as an angel, your other lifetimes, and so on are other-dimensional beings, it follows that, to connect with them, you must direct your thoughts within rather than without.

The Heart Meditation supports this. Adopt a relaxed position, sitting or lying down. Breathe deeply and steadily. As you breathe, direct your consciousness to your heart area and “feel around” there. You are looking for one, specific, spot in which you feel love most strongly. This is not a subtle effect, but it may take you two or three meditations to find it, and more to be able to lock onto it and stay there for most of the meditation time. Still, it is very worth the effort.

As you are directing your consciousness to the Heart Center, you may also direct your prayers, hopes, and expectations there. You'll find your prayers are much more effective when directed within.

The meditation should last about forty minutes. If you fall asleep during the meditation, that's a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. As with any meditation, should unwanted words, pictures, etc., enter the mind, thank them and gently push them aside. You have not “failed” in your meditation; it is a normal part of the process and, in fact, the pushing aside of these thoughts is what makes meditation different from daydreaming.

  1. Create a space for yourself in which there will be no distractions or interruptions for the period of meditation (about 45 minutes). You may set an alarm, but be certain the device cannot interrupt or distract you in any other way.

  2. You may either sit or lie down; make yourself comfortable but not so comfortable that you will fall asleep!

  3. Close your eyes. Take deep, steady breaths. Do 12 of them to get into the rhythm of it; then continue to breathe in the same stately manner throughout the meditation.

  4. Imagine yourself to be your ego, that point of awareness that seems to live behind your forehead. Picture yourself floating there within your (relatively) gigantic body.

  5. Now move downward from within your head, to within your chest cavity. Find your heart, and position yourself near the bottom of your heart, slightly to the back of it.

  6. Search this area until you feel a burst of LOVE. It isn't subtle; when you find it you will be certain. This is the core of this meditation: the search for that microscopic point that is your connection to the Divine.

  7. When you find your Heart Center, keep positioned there as long as you can. Please note that few people find this spot on their very first try, or even the second. But keep at it!

  8. End your meditation 45 minutes after starting.

You should do this meditation no more than once a week. Once you have found your Heart Center in this meditation, you may be amazed to discover that its effects continue to stick with you for days afterwards. A common report is that, after doing the Heart Meditation, strangers seem to smile more and go out of their way to be friendly and helpful to the meditator.

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